Better Faster: The Modern Golfers Blueprint for Getting More from Less

Every player wants to get better at the range and take that improvement to the course. But how do you actually shoot lower scores? In Better Faster, two of the game's top young coaches will show you the step-by-step process they have used to help the best players in the world get the most out of their practice—and build on-course scoring skills. Whether you have an hour a day or an hour a week, Better Faster will help you assess your own game and build a personalized improvement blueprint. You'll know what to practice and when, and do it using the same cutting edge practice tasks used by major champions. You'll never practice the same way again. Corey Lundberg and Matt Wilson have built a devoted following both in their roles as golf coaches in Texas, California and Canada and at their blog, CuriousCoaches.com. Lundberg is COO and High Performance Coach at Altus Performance in Dallas, while Wilson is the Director of Next Generation Performance for Golf Canada in Toronto. At CuriousCoaches.com, they share research and insight into the worlds of coaching and golf science. Praise for Better Faster: “Better, Faster has ideas you can incorporate into your practice routine immediately, and you’ll finally see some carryover from what you learn how to do and what you actually do when you play.”—Cameron McCormick, 2015 PGA National Teacher of the Year “Corey and Matt represent the brightest of young minds in the coaching business. They understand that effective learning leads to effective performance. If you want to make the time you invest count, Better Faster is a book for you.”—James Sieckmann, PGA Tour Coach and Short Game Guru “Corey and Matt have taken the most advanced research in motor learning and translated into real, concrete practice plans spoken in the language of the golfer.”—Dr. Tim Lee, Professor Emeritus at McMaster University and co-author of Motor Learning and Performance “Corey and Matt have shown the courage to do things differently if it’s good for the golfer and good for the game.” —Golf Digest 50 Best Teachers Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

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Book Title: Better Faster: The Modern Golfers Blueprint for Getting More from Less

Book Author: Corey Lundberg

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ISBN: 1545286426